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Are you going to visit Jerusalem?

It's something quite different from visiting any other holiday destinations. First of all, you need to be aware of where you are going. This then needs to adapt your performance, sober clothes, comfortable shoes and good behavior. Your entry to the city is a tremendous step in history, culture, but above all in the still-living religions, architecture, scents, gastronomy, crafts and traditions. An explosion of emotions, perceptions and respect is waiting for you.

Jerusalem is one of the oldest places in the world and, moreover, it is the center of three world religions: Jewish, Islamic and Christian. Genius loci - the spirit of this city, its foundation dates back to the 4th century BC, and is culpable until today. King Solomon lived here, the ark of the covenant was here, Jesus was flagellated and crucified, and the prophet Muhammad came down to heaven. Here is the place of the next last court, the entrance to the heavens, but also the entrance to hell itself.

The old city itself is built on the ruins and they are built on the older ruins of the city, which survived the invasions of foreign armies, tribes and the domination of the preeminent conquerors. If you wanted to study the whole story of Jerusalem, I do not know, I do not know if one human life would be enough. The old city, which forms the center of Jerusalem, is bounded by walls, and enters through the gates of the fortifications. The city is divided into 4 parts: Arabic, Jewish, Christian and Armenian, and each one will bring you pleasure, wonder and knowledge.

During your visit, you should not omit the Olivová hora, which gives you a panoramic view of the old city, Wailing of Walls, which is made up of the west wall of the temple of Solomon, you should definitely go down Via Dolorosa - the aisle where Jesus had born his cross and visit the Temple of God the tomb where you find the place of its crucifixion, embalming, and the deposition of his body, you should engage in the invocation of the muezzin, which calls the faithful moslim to pray. But also taste fresh orange or garnet juice, taste great falafel, but also many kinds of fresh pastries, so you can go further and further to discover what is hidden behind the closest corner.

Your Israeli army and police are at your fingertips for your safety, and you can turn to them in case of any problems. If you speak English, you'll get to know each other. Visit Jerusalem to take deep emotional experiences that will surprise you as well. You will never forget this trip.

Some practical advice:

• From Tel Aviv airport to Jerusalem take bus no. 485, here you go to the central bus station, where you get to the light train, which is actually the tram that you get to the city center, go to Damask Gate stop and you are there. Then walk through the Damascus Gate to the Old Town. The same procedure, in reverse, will be used to travel from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. Bus tickets you can buy at the bus driver. Tickets to tram are bought from the slot machine at the stop, but you probably can not buy yourself, so you ask neighboring natives to help you.

• In terms of clothing, short trousers, bare hands and, in some cases, uncovered heads are not recommended, the scarf in your rucksack can fit.

• The city's inhabitants are affable, smiling and happy to help. Everybody talks, trades and calls a little louder than usual. Jerusalem women (obscured - not obscured) have beautyfull make up, take a photo theirs and their children without personal consent is not desirable.

• Expect a thorough check of your luggage at the airport, do not lock the trunk, more than likely to your suitcase will be opened, check and insert a check-in to find out where you are luggage.

Yours Dasa


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