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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the following FAQ carefully. Should you have any unanswered questions please feel free to use the Feedback/Contacts page. All your queries will be promptly answered.

Q: Does this website belong to real airport in Bratislava, Slovakia?
A: No. This website has been created as an independet project to provide information, assistance and services to passengers. You can find on our homepage: "Welcome to the website of virtual airport ...".

Q: What is the real airport website then?
A: You can find the real website at www.bts.aero.

Q: Are the information on your website correct?
A: Our role is to accurately inform the public and passengers. Therefore we tried to be accurate as much as possible. Informations like how to get to real airport, contact details of airlines operating on real airport are correct and taken from current websites of respective airlines or City of Bratislava. In case you have something not precisely, possibly looking for other information, we will be happy when you contact us.

Q: Can I use the booking engine on your site?
A: Yes, definitely. The booking form displayed on Flight Booking page is fully functional and is served by our partner Pelikan Travel. This is what you can't even find on real ariport's website!

Q: What about flight schedule you have on your website?
A: The data of flight schedule and live arrivals / departures are taken from syndicated data feed of our partner. The same data center serves numerous companies around the world and as a such we consider it as reliable source of flight data.

Q: Cargo companies - is that bogus info?
A: No, all the companies listed under "Cargo" really exists. Should you need detailed information about their services please use the links provided to visit their websites.

Q: I'd like to find a job at the airport. Can I use the links on your site?
A: We are sorry but since we are not real airport, we do not hire any staff. However, all the job descriptions mentioned are usual on all airports. If you are really interested to start such a career, please contact airport's Human Resources department.

Q: Are you a so-called Cybersquatter?
A: Let us quote the Wikipedia first: "Cybersquatting is a derogatory term used to describe the practice of registering and claiming rights over internet domain names which are, arguably, not for the taking. The cybersquatter then offers the domain to the rightful owner at an inflated price, an act which some deem to be Extortion."
Although it may look so, we are not. Cybersquatters register domain names and offer them to the person or company who should have the domain under trademark law. This would be true, if we registered e.g. microsoft.sk domain. Since words Airport and Bratislava are not a trademark, this paragraph doesn't apply for us. We neither offer this domain to real airport company. We haven't registered this domain name in bad faith and these FAQs are proper evidence of that fact.

Q: I have more questions. How can I contact you?
A: Please visit our Contact page (you can find link on the bottom of every page). You can use either feedback form or all e-mail addresses listed on that page. The phone/fax number also works as well as published postal address. We promise we will respond on all e-mails (provided you enter correct e-mail address in feedback form).

Q: Will you send me unwanted e-mails or sell my e-mail address to spammers?
A: Never. We respect your privacy and we will never sell or show your personal data to anyone else.



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