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Travel with WGS Košice

Enjoy confort!

You fly on vacation from / to Bratislava and you come from eastern Slovakia? In addition to the long journey to Bratislava,

wait for you two hour waiting session at the airport and a then long flight? It can be assumed that it would be tedious?

So travel to / from Bratislava by night train, to your destination you arrive rested! Services in bed and sleeping carriages,

which provides the company WAGON SLOVAKIA KOŠICE are available to you. Before the flight, or after a long flight is

to travel lager to / from Bratislava the best solution!

If you have a valid ticket, you can buy free bed at the steward on the train. For holders free rail transport card (pensioners

and students) who pay only the price of beds or deckchairs, it's SUPER convenient travel!p>

More info at www.wgske.sk


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